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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I specialize in murders and executions

but those fucking faggots STILL wouldn't die.

Folks, in the short span of entrance upon this blogosphere, some unruly and savage elements of the supernatural underground have taken liberty with their intrinsically granted freedoms in a desperate, crude attempt to squash my own rights. These unfortunate fellows have issues with my prolific wordplay and grandiose flair, and connived cunningly to drag my ego from the stratosphere, burning on its way to the earth. But I resisted, even as they invaded my stronghold, my personal abode; I preserved, though their nightmarish glares gave me pause and rattled my bones to the core.

Then I took Allen by its smooth, polished handle and pulverized their fucking faces into the consistency of fresh giblets.

That's all you've got? They call you unstoppable, a monstrosity unparalleled, but your two little avatars gurgled and groveled in pain when I diced them into teeny meat cubes. You want to play this game? Aight, fucker, we'll play. We'll have a merry fuckin' time, a splendid bout, just me and you. Or me and your bitches, whatever you'd like to throw forth first to get axed first. No matter how hard you pimp, buddy, your hoes won't extract a pound from me - in flesh or in greenbacks.

Knuckles cracked,

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  1. You may specilize in murder, but do you have the style?