Barter Town

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Monday, February 14, 2011


"In the institution, there wasn't much to offer. Dejected faces, only loners took up residence. And they all basked in their own frigid temperatures, you know? Like a collection of bizarre plant cells, who feebly photosynthesize chilly breezes and torrid emotions, creating a byproduct greater than the sum of its parts. But what they didn't realize, what didn't add up at the time, was that the foundation they constructed this spiritual edifice to detached reasoning upon didn't serve only as a framework; it influenced, it designed, it charted the course of their thoughts and dispositions. The beginning of the end came here, when the framework turned self-aware. When consciously, it decided to build upon the fellows working upon it. At that point, we might as well have been garbage dust scattered to the wind, with the only 'living' stemming from the delusions of our minds. It just took a bit of time to cope with the fact."


  1. I'm not even kidding. Something is seriously wrong. If it's something in your head, well, then...I don't know how to help with that. But. If it's someone. There. Which I think it may be. YOU stop please stop. Or else, yeah? The forest calls. That can't mean anything good. Garbage dust. Plants. Sum of the parts. The framework...this is deep. Wow. I'm scared, Snore.

  2. dont understand


  3. You've stopped snoring, huh? We'll make it go away. I promise.