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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what the fuck

why is the date nmarch 15th
i went to sleep for an hour
an hour

i can't remember anything what is going on what is going on
and i'm not shit-stained and i'm perfectly fine and i can feel my body parts and i didn't starve to death why is my last fucking blog post more than a month ago and why did i wake up just now in the middle of the night

somebody tellme



  1. You were...captured by someone. And tortured. But apparently they didn't do a good job. You were going to meet Frap to fight the spindly-armed big guy, but then you couldn't get there in time and...disappeared. *Joce

  2. @Joce: Who the fuck is this? What happened to Frap? Why do you share his blog? And how do you know about that anyway?

    And what do you mean I disappeared? I went to sleep for one second and the next morning I wake up the day before Saint Patrick's.

    Shit, I can't change my layout. Does this have something to do with it?

    @John: Thanks for knowing I'd be here? Unless you're involved in messing with me, in which case kindly brutalize your anal cavity with a sharpened spear.

  3. Frap is drunk right now, because he's depressed about something. When he went into the woods to fight, without you, he went back to normal. The woods were right outside Joce's house, so he used Joce's downstairs living room as a base of operations. Some more stuff happened, and now Joce has got two slaves of the big guy stalking him outside his house. I guess you could call him Frap's sidekick. He posts some of Frap's things for him whenever he leaves him a message, and he decided to start his own blog so that someone would know about him.

    You started kinda going crazy, and then you changed from Snore de Bliss to Invocation of Id. You started posting all these really weird, really, really weird things, until your last post in which you said you had no fingers and were almost free.

    Does that make sense?

    By the way, I'm Frap's new Revenant girlfriend. And John is a good guy. /Astrid

  4. Are those slaves by any chance really, really big and impossible to kill with anything? Because if so, Joce'd better hustle his ass out of there, or else he's fucked. I speak from experience.

    And I can't change my profile at all, but I saw the name change so that's alright.

    Umm, yeah, didn't mean to have that outburst from before. Just a bit shocking to wake up one morning and go to look at your clock and it's a month later.

    So Frap wasn't an actual alliteration master? Damn. Those demons didn't seem half bad to me, but then again this shit didn't either at that point. You three share his blog? That's...nice.

    And those posts...Those posts. I'm NOT liking those posts. I'm going to see what's up in the blogosphere, but that's going to be a big priority for me after that.

    Thanks for the good wishes, and tell Frap he better be gettin' smashed with me the next time he decides to go off like that.