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Monday, May 30, 2011


For the weary of mind and needy of soul, those who pine for release from the dour and dull. A crushing aura permeates the air about, and what's a better reliever for such restrictive atmospheres than a power dosage of one's musical genre of choice? I am too wordy today, too verbose. Need to keep it concise, keep it clear, keep it concrete. cant tire myself out

But we might as well just dive into it, right? Gotta be some of my precious heads out there, waiting all the while I rambled, with infinite understanding and patience, for a bit on this topic. Deliverance is the key to acceptance. Don't worry, I'll keep the proverbs short. nobreathcoiledtight

After Hours - A Tribe Called Quest

Time slips through life's nets as smoothly as two atoms of hydrogen bonded with an oxygen, and for some folks this rigid reality brings a penchant for obsession, an obsession for nostalgic reminiscence over days that exist now only as memories. But the dusk is a soothing, penumbral reminder of the benefits of relaxation and transmutation. From light to night, the world travels in constant motion. One might as well hop up on the coaster and zip across the sky, whether glimmering in blue or sheathed by black.

Shook Ones [Part Two] - Mobb Deep

Fear is an rousing, expansive emotion. An integral part of the human experience, regulated to the slums of the destitute and the lives of the lost, is more and more sternly quarantined as the days drift on by. Why should a pertinent catalyst of human achievement be denied to the general populace as a whole? What good comes of nothing wrong, nothing to make correct?

They Reminisce Over You [T.R.O.Y.] - Pete Rock and CL Smooth

It takes me a while to think up clever quips to spew out, and I could never throw out a slick enough line, a suave enough phrase, that would sufficiently reel in Lucy. She didn't ever care, though, which always left me puzzled. I would think to myself that a man is nothing if he isn't worth his weight in gold, whether metaphorical or actual, and she would just smile in that queer little fashion, that awkward piece of bait that the fish called my heart dove to gobble up, and rub my cheek with her exceptionally powerful fingers, brimming over with a natural energy and vitality and pure, unadulterated BEING, and tell me not to fret, that I'd be alright in the end, that not a soul would come to do me harm if I didn't measure up on that soulless, stalwart scale of humanity's standard.

With you gone, it's harder to believe those words.

Evaporate - Dutchmassive

Who doesn't want to be recognized? To be appreciated in some capacity? Only the strongest of intellects can withstand a curse of that caliber, denied even the appreciation, the satisfaction, the intrinsic attraction, of the ones that first spawned them. That doesn't just tear at the mental. It eats away at another place in the human body, too, a place packed with potent pedigrees, munching down their sustainability as if a flock of termites mowing through saw-wood, their ravenous hunger's pace only accelerated by a sadistic delight in the collapse of their prey's will to survive. But their attacks are self-defeatist, for when the hunted fails to deliver, the hunter shrivels up, withers away. Its ashes are gracefully carried by the eternal current across the world, and delivered straight to its elaborate tomb in the annals of history.

Eventually, one must evaporate.

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  1. >_< That moniker you dropped on me?

    Not sticking. It is NOT sticking.

    It is good to see you're getting yourself together though. :D