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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Account's been cracked. There was password information on Mike's desk, along with what we could glean of Marley's cause of death blasted across the wall above.

This is the worst place to publicly post information, but it's the only way I can connect to you people who worked so closely with the owner of this blog. My name is Alwin Thanes. I was a contractor working in Dimlight's IT services. I'm not in the best straits at the moment, running from an institution who may not even exist in this dimension. I've hurt and helped many more people that my physical stature would belie.

And out of all the terrors I've know, this one will haunt my mind until my time: the Obelisk was once called Michael Blightwell, and I assisted in his apotheosis.

Things will be explained in due time. If any of you know things about Mr. Blightwell that aren't publicly available on this blog, please speak up. It would be the better for the world.

Regards, and preserve against the Slim Man.

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  1. Well shit.

    This might be my fault to, isn't it? My E-mail's floating around. Keep me apprised.