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Friday, March 18, 2011



  • Organizing all of the oversized letters in the very last post in order spells out a message. "take all i say after this as truth". This speaks for itself. Well, not really. Are they talking about me? Or my posts? Or was the dude posting these gonna post more?
  • There is some sort of organization besides the PTC with experience with "mind melding" or whatever, but they're beyond dead.
  • This thing is a monstrous creature that exists outside of the normal human realm, but can directly impact it when the need arises.
  • This...whatever it is only looks out for its own interests.
  • The fellow writing those entries knows (knew, I should say) about his situation, and other people are with him in that situation. 
  • It tortures people. It can torture them when they're in the real world, and it can haunt them while they're waking.
  • ADDENDUM:  Its world is gray, with little colors; soot-stained ground, dry, so probably hot (?), and no other terrain besides the big pillar-creature-monster.
That second-to-last fact scares me the most. Because I've slept for two nights peacefully, and nothing's bothered me, but I know I'm not out of the obelisk's grasp yet. At least, that's the worst case scenario. If you guys can find any other points I've missed, feel free to let me know.

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  1. I think...that it's going to get a message out somehow. Or it starts talking to you. In either case, it wants whoever hears to believe it. So...tell us if you hear any voices. ~Frap