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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home is where the heart is.

And DAMN, it feels good to own the neighborhood.

Sage, take your time getting here. I need to get re-acclimated to that subtle New Jersey tinge of polluted fog again. Nostalgia takes you on some joyrides.




    If you can't be calm and keep your insults to yourself, then don't comment on his blog at all. JUST. DON'T.

  2. No, I'm not going to stop commenting about his sick shit. Inaction just enables him, as does appeasement. If "being an idiot" to you means "calling it as it is" to me, welp, then I'll wear the dunce cap with pride.

  3. Please. Listen to me. I am a psychology student. I will have my Bachelor's degree at the end of the month. I am TELLING you that what you are doing is only going to cause harm, to Zero and to everyone else.

    It's sick shit, yeah. NO argument there. But you do not have to so openly insult the guy when you only have half a clue as to what the fuck is going on.

    I know what I'm doing, Snore. It's not innaction, and it's certainly not appeasement. Just stay calm, use LOGIC, and maybe we can save a few lives. This is what I came to the blogs in the first place for, so LET ME DO MY JOB.

    And before you ask, yes, I wish to GOD that I had him somewhere where he couldn't hurt anyone while I talked to him. But I don't. As it is, this is the best I can do. YOU, however, are doing the exact opposite of helping. You think your cathartic little insults have no effect on him and his actions? On how he views the actions of others? You are dead-fucking-wrong. Anything like THAT will just send him deeper into insanity, I promise you.


  4. How are my insults cathartic? I don't enjoy psychotics harming innocent people. How am I purging my emotions through commenting on Zero's bullshit? Why would I want to disregard or relieve myself of that feeling of disgust anyway? In fact, I'd go so far as to argue that I'm embracing my emotions more by forming them into coherent sentences directed at an individual I particularly don't appreciate at the moment. I don't follow your point.

    And how, again, do you get me as being clueless about the situation? I read a lot of blogs, including yours. Just because I have my subscriptions on private doesn't mean I'm a HURPA DURPA idiot who charges into shit. I've read his entire other blog before his Solstice suicide attack with the PTC. I'm pretty sure all he's doing now is going around and hacking people's arms off because he's got a hard-on for a certain bone's mystical properties, and I frankly find the reasoning for these actions flimsy. He's murdering those he once worked with because a 'God' saved him from the 'Bleeding Tree' and righteously guided his every step? Even if it is a legitimate method to fighting Slim Jim, we've both seen what happens to ALL the other tools and concepts utilized to attempt murder on the Big S Dawg - the ultimate thing in Ireland destroyed by Redlight, the Sage theory and the Solstice, and now this. Is this incorrect or something? I don't know how your supposedly superior knowledge gets the same end result out of these facts than I do, but if you've got some tidbit that could change my opinion, why not inform me instead of just vaguely throwing it into your argument?

    You also state I am attempting to influence him. How do -my- comments attempt to change his opinions? I mention his hero complex and his narcissistic tendencies, then take sarcastic jabs at his reputation, then say his actions are sickening. I hope at the end that he deals with the consequences of these crimes, but I never try and dissuade him from stopping them. Why should I? I can't do shit unless he comes to Newark. And why would I think that?

    Because I don't see him as being insane. He is perfectly cognitive when he needs to be, and then completely erratic at the next moment. I'm assured he's being manipulated by something paranormal. Especially with the whole "trees" aspect haunting him in every post.

    That addressed, here's another issue: I find it disrespectful that you inherently place yourself over me because I'm somehow (and this is never specified) not using "logic", and then imply that I can't "save people" as well as you can. Motherfucker, are you questioning my credibility? I doubt you follow whatever I post in the slightest, so it's the biggest irony that you're telling me, on my own blog, that you know more than me about saving others when I've thrown my own ass into the fire for more than a couple of friends and family members, in more than a few different situations, both posted here and not posted here. Get over yourself.

    I don't even know why I wrote such a long response. Fuck it, I don't give a shit. I'll stay in my corner, if that's what will please you. Good luck, I'm out.

  5. Goddammit, I DO want your help, I want EVERYBODY'S help. I'm not putting myself "above" anybody, I'm just saying I have some knowledge on the subject of psychology.

    Cathartic. Posting insults helps relieve your emotions of anger and disgust. Not posting them would leave said emotions to fester. That sounds cathartic to me.

    I did not say you were trying to influence him. I said the exact opposite, actually: you seem to think your insults WON'T influence him. I'm informing you that they will, even if it's in a small way. I'm asking that you act accordingly.

    I'm just as clueless as anyone else with regards to what Zero has gone through. Again, I claim no more "superior knowledge" than you. For goodness sake, all I was asking for was a bit of sanity! And... maybe a little respect for the dead. The comments about the girl were not necessary at all. They were probably what set me off, honestly.

    Really, I'm sorry if I insulted you in some way. I've just had it up to here with people doing nothing but flame and insult Zero. Really, it DOES make things worse. I'm just trying to keep people sane here. That's all.

  6. Catharsis is garbage I don't abide by. Emotions are an integral part to a person and by no means are they expunged from my system when I speak my mind. Also, my point still stands - how do I influence a cognitive man in the thrall of a extradimensional monstrosity?

    That's some pretty forceful asking you've got going on about me shutting my mouth. In conjunction with these continued insinuations that I am insane for thinking differently than you and a complete denial of calling me an idiot (when right up four posts you say I don't have half a clue about the situation), I'll let you take this one. You look like you've got it under control.

    It's amusing to me that a quip about a girl who is already departed used to mock her murderer gets you more infuriated than the fact that this murderer is still out there slaughtering the innocent.

    I have my own issues to address. Sorry.