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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Blog's back to normal, it looks like. Radical. But I didn't shuffle it around in the slightest.

Oh, I see the issue now. Big Whitey's fucked off to who-knows-where. Good riddance, faggot. You scared of a being that's a bagillion times lankier than your chubby self? And a "hack mystic"? Yes, truly, I am the one who is delaying the inevitable. Punk ass motherfucker.

Oh, and Mr. Sage? I've reached Jersey. You got a meeting place you could e-mail to me, or could you hit me up in Newark? I need to reconnect with some friends who can give me things. Very important things, things potentially pertinent to your situation. You know how to contact me, dawg.

And HOPEFULLY, I can get my second fucking review up. Hallelujah! I'll actually be accomplishing this blog's primary objective!



  1. Ah, THAT'S the blog I know and love.

    Good for you.

  2. I hate to brake it to you, but because of the way you have your blog formatted, I can't read anything. I suppose it might just be your personal taste, but for the sake of your readers I suggest you change the font.

  3. Extremely sorry, I hope this is better.